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Class 9: Teens Making Money With “Print-On-Demand”

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Class 9: Making Money With “Print-On-Demand”

Print-on-Demand is a retail fulfillment method for printing products, only after the customer buys them. Your only responsibility is creating a design and then uploading the design to the print provider’s platform. The print company does everything else! We love print on demand because it’s fun and free.

The first objective is creating a good design and uploading it to the platform. Then, when customers buy products such as t-shirts, phone cases, mugs and other goods in your e-commerce shop the order goes directly to the print provider. The print provider charges the customer, fulfills the order, and ships it directly to your customer. The print on demand provider then pays you a commission from the purchase. Commissions can range between 15% and 30% depending on the print provider. You, the e-commerce store owner, never have to do anything but create great designs and choose which merchandise you would like your designs featured on.

Many print-on-demand providers exist (like TeeSpring, Printify, and Printful) but we really like using Redbubble. The greatest benefit of using Redbubble is that it’s not just a design site. People also visit Redbubble to make purchases. This is important because it means free organic traffic for you!

To receive organic traffic, it’s super important to use the previously discussed SEO strategies. When creating designs, it’s best to be niche specific. If creating a generic dog design, your design may compete with a million other dog designs. If you create a shirt based around a specific breed, your competition decreases. You’ll then have a better chance of selling that design. It’s important to use very specific keywords in your titles and descriptions. For instance, if I created an amazing yorkie design with New York City as a part of the design, I would title it New Yorkie City and tag the description accordingly. Now, when someone in the world searches New Yorkie City on Redbubble, my design should populate. Do you see how that works?

Don’t forget to share your new Redbubble store and designs on your website/blog and social media accounts. If you have a following, this is a sure fire way to heat things up.

How do you create designs? You may say, “I’m not a graphic designer!” Many very successful shirt designs are surprisingly just text. Canva

(free digital design software) offers many excellent fonts and element/photo designs that can be utilized to create fantastic designs. If you subscribe to the paid version, it will open up many more design options. The free version should be fine for now. If you’re creating many designs, I would suggest that you pay for the service. Experiment and have fun! This is one of my favorite things to do. I have a feeling you are going to enjoy it too!

To help you succeed further, venture into keyword research tools for t-shirts/merchandise. One tool I use often is called Merch Informer. Merch Informer analyzes the largest merch platform in the world, Amazon, and can advise you if a specific niche or keyword is either over-saturated or perfect for your designs.

The tool rates designs on a grading system between A and F. For example, If you intend on creating designs about dogs, and enter “dogs” in the tool, it will surely return with an “F” rating. Why? Because a gazillion designs on Amazon contain the word “dog”. It would be better to create more specific breed dog designs and tag your titles and descriptions accordingly. Although this tool is made for Merch by Amazon, it provides very insightful keyword information that would be relevant for content/designs posted for your other print-on-demand platforms, blogs, and social marketing accounts.

Merch By Amazon

Use Redbubble for a few months. Become familiar with the design process. Get those creative juices flowing! If you love selling t-shirts and merch, you ultimately want to get yourself on Merch by Amazon. Amazon is the largest destination site on the planet and if you can create great designs, you can make a great income! You’ll need to apply to the program. Millions of people apply and are rejected because they don’t know how to properly complete the application. Contact me and I may be able to help you complete the application to give you a better chance at being approved. I can’t guarantee you’ll be accepted, but it’s absolutely worth a shot. Can you imagine your designs selling on Amazon? And by the way, Merch by Amazon is free to join!



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