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Class 16: Fiverr For Teens Online Business

Fiverr (Sell Your Services For Your Teen Business)

Fiverr is a massive freelance marketplace where even teens can offer services for content writing, animation, music lessons, voice overs, web design, logo design, video editing, or whatever you can imagine. If you have a talent, you can use your talent to sell a service on Fiverr. And you can start your own business as early as thirteen years old.

Fiverr is a hub that connects businesses with freelancers and provides a trustworthy platform to exchange business. Fiverr acts as the middleman and takes a cut of every transaction. It may not be as profitable as making your own deals, but Fiverr does all of the administrative hard work with the added bonus of being a one of the world’s most popular online service marketplaces.

Teens can offer services on Fiverr to manage social media accounts, create content, edit photos/video, sing for songwriters, offer software tutorials, offer one-on-one makeup demonstrations, create t-shirt designs, or do what YOU are good at. Whatever you do, just go create an account. It’s free to get started. Create a seller’s profile, list your services, and over time you will generate business. It would be beneficial to begin collecting reviews on your Fiverr account. Reach out to family and friends to hire you. You can even offer full refunds as an incentive. Reviews are key to begin generating traction in your Fiverr business.

Another way to generate business as a teen is to find groups on Facebook or blogs within your niche. Join these groups or forums, offer valuable content, and contribute often. Eventually, you’ll notice group/forum members asking for assistance and you can then offer your services. Furthermore, if they know you are a teen, they may even be more willing to hire you to support today’s young entrepreneurs.

Fiverr (Hiring A Freelancer For Your Business)

I’ll tell you why you should hire a Fiverr freelancer at the end of this article. Fiverr is one of the largest freelance marketplaces in the world. With that, comes an oversaturation of freelancers competing to gain your business. You’ll notice quite a wide price range between freelancers; some charging 20 dollars to build a website and others charging 500 dollars for the same service.

Be careful when hiring a freelancer. Look at their reviews and then read them intently. Be leary if a freelancer has no reviews. Also know that just because they are cheap in price, doesn’t mean they won’t provide quality work. The cost of living and currency conversion rates vary worldwide. For example, $10 (USD) is worth almost 500 Phillipine Pesos. $10 (USD) can purchase much more in the Philippines than $10 in the US. They can charge less and still provide an outstanding service.

I’ve hired freelancers on Fiverr a handful of times and the results varied. I spent $10 for photo edits and $20 for video edits and the results were fantastic! I also spent $25 for a freelancer to create video ad for a Facebook marketing campaign and I was extremely impressed.

Recently I spent $80 on a marketing campaign that turned out to be a joke. I hired someone from Ghana who had a few decent reviews and a mouth-watering description. He was hired to create an advertisement (text/images) for our homeschool t-shirt merch business and then to blast it out all over the internet to niche specific websites and blogs.

The ad was mediocre at best. He then sent me screen shots of where the ad was placed. Essentially, he just photoshopped the ad on top of other pre-existing marketing photos and never actually used his “expert” marketing skills to actually do anything. The giveaway, that I got scammed, was the screenshot of my ad on a huge billboard screen in the middle of a city. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I’ll never use that particular person again. If you want to see a picture of the ad on the city billboard, send me a message and I’ll be happy to show you. And by the way, since his English wasn’t great, I needed to edit the ad in which I paid him to create. Make sure you hire someone who can communicate well.

This one, you’ll love and hate at the same time. I hired a Fiverr freelancer (and his company) from India to build a Wordpress affiliate website from scratch. I spent $100 for this Fiverr freelancer to work with me for 12 months to create a HUGE affiliate E-Commerce Amazon Affiliate Store (for info and to create a FREE Amazon Associates Account go here: It’s a store that advertises thousands of products all linking to Amazon products. The best part is, since I provided the freelancer with my Amazon Associates ID, I would make a commission on each sale. The most challenging part of any and every business is driving traffic to the store. This company promised to do 12 months of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on Google and write articles to send traffic to the website.

As you may know SEO takes time, dedication, and determination. For 2 months I didn’t receive any traffic. Then I began noticing clicks and some small commissions within my Amazon account. This was so exciting for me! My vision and my plan started to pay off. Then, wouldn’t you know it, Amazon shut my Associate account down. From what I understand the Fiverr freelancer may have been spamming other websites to illegally send traffic to mine. I don’t really know. I paid the Fiverr freelancer to do everything for me and it worked for a short time. If Amazon didn’t shut my account down, I am confident I could be making at least a thousand dollars a month, at this point.

Do you want to see my website? It’s still up AND Fiverr is still working on it (because I haven’t contacted them and I know they won’t issue a refund) BUT I am not making any money on it because the Amazon $$ ID $$ is now inactive ( I’m not sure if the website is active at the time you are reading this. The funny thing is, I hired them to create a kick scooter affiliate site. After I paid them they told me it needed to be a general product store. Argh!! Why a kick scooter store? If you haven’t seen throughout my courses, I am creating/developing an air tire kick scooter. I am testing interest at Eventually, I hope to sell it on my website and on Amazon. What do you think about it?

What’s my point? Fiverr works. And you can find the right freelancer that fits your budget and for the task you need accomplished. Do you remember at the beginning of this article I mentioned that you should use Fiverr. It may be a good idea to hire a Fiverr freelancer to design a logo or other art (branding/t-shirt designs/etc.) for your business. Even if you decide not to use their designs, the cost is minimal and it may spark some creative ideas when you begin creating your own designs on


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