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Meet The Team - Kids Biz Labs & Eteen Lab

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John J. Peterson


John graduated with a BA from Montclair State University and serves as a dedicated music educator at Hawthorne Christian Academy and holds the position of Program Director for the Boys & Girls Club of West Orange. Beyond his educational roles, he is a multifaceted talent: a songwriter with a focus on Christian and children's music, an online entrepreneur, a coach, an author, and a musician. At the heart of John's diverse career is his profound passion for mentoring the younger generation. He is committed to guiding youth in discovering and refining their unique gifts and talents, with the ultimate goal of using these abilities for positive impact. John teaches the importance of leading a fulfilling life through kindness and service to others, embodying the compassionate principles taught by Jesus.

Diana Peterson

Diana R. Peterson

Director of Marketing

Diana graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree from the College of Saint Elizabeth. After graduating, she worked as a sales and operations specialist for the mutual funds, stocks, and finance industry. Eventually, she transitioned into the impactful work of education and became a supervisor for an after-school program. Her favorite career, however, has been as a mother.


Since becoming a mom, she decided to homeschool her children, during which time she has run several small online businesses and also served as a Challenge A director for two years with her Classical Conversations homeschooling community. With a decade of experience homeschooling her sons, Diana is thrilled to embark on this journey as the Marketing Director for Kids Biz Labs & ETeen Labs, where she aims to leverage her diverse background and passion for education to inspire and cultivate young minds.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

The information contained is for informational/educational purposes only.  This content is not meant to take the place of accounting, legal financial, or other professional advice.  Starting and operating any business contains financial and other risks.  Kid's Biz Labs (& John J. Peterson) or Minds In Motion of NJ LLC.  disclaim any express or implied warranties of any kind or nature regarding the contents of this course, including, without limitation, legal, regulatory, financial, health, or safety concerns arising from or relating to any business idea contained in the course.  In no event will Kids Biz Labs (& John J. Peterson) or Minds In Motion of NJ LLC. be liable for any loss or damages of any kind or nature, including, but not limited to, direct, compensatory, consequential, or other damages, attorney’s fees or costs, arising from or relating to the use of the information contained in the course/website (www.kidsbizlabs) content.

By participating in the course, kid's Biz Labs and Minds In Motion of NJ LLC. will be released of any liabilities. 

Safety Disclaimer:

Students as young as 9 years old may participate in these courses.  For kids/teenagers under 18, please consult with your parents/teachers to gain permission to participate.   We encourage parents to partner with their kid/teen, who may need assistance in creating certain accounts for online platforms that hold age restrictions. 

Again, kids/teens, please do not do anything without your parent's consent.  Students should never share personal information with anyone online.   You may communicate with members in our E-Teen (or Kid's Biz Labs) community but ensure the conversations remain respectful and professional.  Your safety is our number one priority.  

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