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Class 7: Google Analytics and Webmasters for Teens

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Class 7: Google Analytics / Google Webmasters

Google offers great tools like Google Analytics to gauge the success of your website. Google continuously analyzes data from your website and tracks all of your website activity. It will show you how many people are visiting your website, how long they are staying on your site, show your most popular pages, and even show the traffic source.

Don’t be discouraged at first when you don’t see any activity. Seeing timely success from using SEO strategies is all contingent on Google’s algorithms (internal search bots and programming) to catalogue/index your website into their own databases. It will take a little time before you see visitors UNLESS you are using other marketing methods like social media or paid advertisement techniques to drive traffic immediately to your site. Let’s get your new website connected to Google's very useful tools.

Follow the instructions to get connected to Google Analytics.

Submitting Your Site Google Webmasters: Google’s Search Console

Expedite being found by Google’s algorithms and kickstart life into your business by submitting your site to Google’s Webmasters. By doing this Google will “index” your site and get it ready for their search engine. This is a bit more complicated because it may require you to copy/paste a bit of code, but definitely doable!

First, go to Google Webmasters / Google Search Console:

And type (or copy/paste) your web domain. Remember if you are using the free Wix platform, you’ll submit the long domain which you can find in the WIX editing site. If you registered and own a domain, use enter that one.

Then Google will give you a little bit of code that you will need to just “copy”

Time to add the code to Wix. Click on the Wix link below and follow instructions to paste that bit of code.

Go back to Google Webmasters / Google Search Console and verify your site by clicking “verify” . Once verified and in the dashboard, you’ll need to add your “site-map” . On the left menu in your dashboard click on “sitemap”. Now all you need to do to add your sitemap to the Google Search Console is click “add a new sitemap” and add…. sitemap.xml …. To the end of your domain name. For example:

Click Submit!

Your site is now officially added to Google!


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