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The PURCHASE/LICENSE includes an Interactive PDF and the link to the ONLINE Classes/modules.   The content is the same in each.  You choose what works best.  


Note: This is an interactive PDF that the teacher and students can follow together.  Look forward to engaging activities and super interesting video links to help our students build a business-niche website and learn all about Internet marketing.  This is an enrichment course that offers between 10-15 hours worth of content.  It can be extended as students continue building and developing their business. 


Welcome to Young Entrepreneurs & Website WIzards, where young minds embark on an exciting journey of creativity, innovation, and business savviness! This course is designed to empower students with the essential skills of entrepreneurship and website design using the user-friendly platform, Wix. Students will learn about business and how to start marketing their business on their very own website.


In the Entrepreneurship sessions, our budding business moguls will dive into the world of business. Through engaging and interactive sessions, they will learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, business idea/niche generation, budgeting, business planning, goal setting, and more. Our passionate instructors will encourage students to think outside the box, nurture their creativity, and develop problem-solving abilities – all while having a blast! Once our young entrepreneurs have honed their business skills, they will venture into the exciting world of website design using Wix.


In the Web Design sessions, students will discover the magic of creating stunning and functional websites without any coding knowledge. They will be guided step-by-step to design and customize their websites, implement a blog, add beautiful pictures and videos, and learn to utilize digital marketing and social media marketing strategies to attract website visitors.


Throughout the course, we emphasize teamwork, communication, and collaboration, fostering an environment where students can exchange ideas and support each other's growth. Our instructors will encourage the students, nurturing their potential and instilling confidence.


Introduction to the Course

  • Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Internet Safety First


Section 1: Business Exploration & Creation

  • Introduction to niches

  • Niche exploration

  • Intro to digital marketing

  • Exploring business models

  • Branding the business - name creation

  • Creating accounts - email/social media platforms

  • Business plan and setting goals


Section 2: Content Creation and Marketing Strategies

  • Building a website/blog - The foundations of digital marketing

  • Creating Quality Content & Implementing SEO Strategies

  • Finding and using free images/pictures for the website

  • Understanding the Power of Video Content

  • Earn the E-Teen course certificate!

  • Special Links

  • Entrepreneur Terms (Glossary)

  • Rules For Entrepreneurship

  • Business Idea Generators

  • Media Consent and Social Media Permission


Instructor/Facilitator Notes:

This course was written for students (and the instructor) to easily follow the content step-by-step with clear instructions, helpful videos, and supplemental activities. The instructor will introduce the course and guide students through each “class” and “topic”. Fun class activities are provided strategically throughout the course for encouragement and class engagement. The instructor will allow time after each topic/class for students to work independently on the class assignments or to continue developing their ideas or websites.


Instructors do not need to know the answers to any questions. Since this is an entrepreneur course, students are highly encouraged to seek their answers via the internet/Google/YouTube. Instructors may help students find answers and may even help work together to build confidence, help students formulate better questions, and have some fun in the process.


SUPPORT:  Once you purchase a license you may contact me if you have any questions while conducting the course.  Contact me at OR CHAT with me on the website at  


I thank you in advance for joining our mission to raise the next generation to be the great leaders of tomorrow!


- John

Kids Course: Website Wizards - Young Entrepreneurs Biz Creation

$300.00 Regular Price
$195.00Sale Price
  • This is an interactive PDF.  It should be followed with students who have access to a laptop or desktop.  Links to tutorial videos are included in the document.   

    Instead of using the PDF:  The Online Modules/Classes are available with this purchase. Just ask us for access and it's yours!  

    License:  Please purchase 1 license per classroom.  Unlimited use in the classroom with the same students.  We appreciate it!

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