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Website Wizards: Session 7

Updated: May 11

Session 7:

  • Developing A Business Plan

  • Class Activity: Develop A “Rough-Draft” Business Plan

  • Class Activity: Goal Sheet (Write out your goals)

ICEBREAKER! Speed Socializing: Create 2 circles…an inner circle and an outer circle. The chairs face each other. Allow one minute to discuss a topic and then the outer circle moves one spot to the right. Students can create the topics. Examples: Best fast food restaurants. Are you a morning or night person and why? Share your worst fears. Name 3 things you each have in common. What would you do with a million dollars? Can you name all 10 commandments together? Name all the states in the US…collaboratively. What is your perfect career? Etc.

The Business Plan



Copy, paste, and answer the following questions into a Google Doc Document or in a writing program on your laptop.


What is the name of your business?

What is your idea?

Is it a product, a service, or a tutorial video business

What makes your idea unique from anything else?

Who will work/help with your business besides you?


Who will be your customers/audience?

Why will people buy your product/service or visit your website?

How do you plan on marketing your business? (examples: website, In-person, email, social media, newspaper ads, flyers, to the neighbors,)

Where will you sell your product, service, or video tutorials? (online, in person, shipping from home, etc.)


How much will it cost to start your business? (if anything)

What will you need to buy before you can get started? (equipment, materials/supplies)


If Your business is product-based:

Estimate the cost of purchasing or making each product:


How much will you charge for your products/services?

How does your pricing compare to your competitors?

How much profit will you make on each sale after you subtract your expenses? Profit = Income - Cost/Expenses

Entrepreneur Note:

Life is so much more meaningful when our main purpose in life becomes helping others, financially or otherwise.

Help others less fortunate than you, and you will experience JOY beyond explanation.



Document in Google Docs: Then discuss together in class.

  • List any of your Goals.

  • What would you do with your money if your business earned lots of money?

  • What kind of car would you drive?

  • What kind of home would you want to live in?

  • If you could help people in the world financially, who would it be, and what would you do?

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Video Transcription

Developing a Business Plan


A business plan is a written document that describes your business, and it covers objectives, strategies, sales, marketing, and financial forecasts. A business plan is a tool for entrepreneurs. A good business plan helps entrepreneurs focus on the specific steps needed for success.

Try to complete the questions in this section to the best of your ability. It will help lay the foundation for a successful business! Write N/A (Not Applicable) next to any questions that may not apply to your business model.

Section 2: Content Creation & Marketing Strategies

Welcome to Section 2! Most of our students will need to continue into Section 2 to learn how to create the best content (text, photos, videos, etc.) and implement SEO strategies. Our students may not utilize all of these methods of content creation, but these topics will spark additional ideas.

This section provides a tutorial on how to create a website/blog. In most cases, it’s essential to create a website, even if it’s super simple, used as a landing page/home for the business brand and to collect email subscribers. In this section, really pay attention to the keyword/wording techniques which are the key to successful digital marketing.

Earn a certificate for completing course content! Watch/review relevant business model tutorial videos, begin creating content, marketing your new business., and start making money!

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