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Print-On-Demand - "Business Bonanza"

Updated: May 11

Video transcriptions are available at the bottom of the sessions which could be used to follow along with the videos.



Instructors can welcome students and do quick introductions. Students, should take out their laptops/tablets and log into the Print On Demand course at Students will access the course the same way as the instructor (use the access code if one was provided). Let's start together by watching the video below and then advancing to Session 1.

Creating a Print-On-Demand Merch Store (POD)





If the class is facilitated in a center/classroom:

  • The instructor will need to bring: Laptop & earbuds or headphones

  • Students will need to bring: Laptop & earbuds or Headphones

  • Facilities/Classrooms will need to provide open WIFI so students can connect.

Access: for student and instructor


Introduction to The E-Teen Lab Course

Thinking Like An Entrepreneur (The Boss)

Internet Safety First

Section 1: Business Exploration & Creation

Introduction To Niches

Niche Exploration

Print-On-Demand Business Model

Exploring 4 Other Business Models & Intro to Digital Marketing

Business Branding - Business Name Creation

Creating Accounts - Online/Social Media Platforms

Developing a Business Plan and Setting Goals

Section 2: Content Creation and Marketing Strategies

Creating Quality Content & Implementing SEO Strategies

Start Building The New Print On Demand Business

Earned...Course Completion Certificate!

Instructor Notes (We'll be reviewing this with students in Session 1): Course Format In the first part of the course, students will learn new and exciting concepts. As the course progresses, students will engage in more class activities and transition into independent creative work in class. The class first teaches the basics of entrepreneurship and internet safety protocols. Then students will identify their interests, business themes, name their business, and create NEW email/social media accounts to market their businesses. They will be introduced to the Print-On-Demand concept and how to best market their business using “keyword” and digital marketing strategies. This course includes 9 sessions, HOWEVER, the sessions are not meant to be "CLASSES". Move through the content at your own pace. There is no rush to finish. Students will have full course access indefinitely. And remember...instructors don't need to teach anything. The course will do that. Instructors will GUIDE and LEAD students through the Class Activities. The instructor and the students can take turns reading the course content out loud to the class. Instructors...maybe bring a "TALK BALL" to toss it around to encourage students to get involved! (Any type of soft ball or safe object to throw around the class). Please note that this course is for educational purposes only. FUN ICEBREAKERS FOR EVERYONE (pre-lesson activities): Instructor Course Preparation Steps:

  1. Create a CANVA (Digital Design Software) "EDU" account by following the instructions below. Once an EDU account is established, instructors will email their students with "FREE" invites later in the course. You create your account first. Students will create their accounts later in the course. School Teachers, can create their own account here:: (video: NON-School Teachers: Log in Canva with EMAIL (not Google). password: Eteen1234. (video:

  2. Bring your laptops to each class, follow the guide, have fun!

We wish you much success and we hope you have a MIND-BLOWING experience! Minds In Motion of NJ LLC & Kids Biz Labs

Scroll up to watch the video WITH STUDENTS...then....Continue to SESSION 1 :



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