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Introduction: Real Estate Rock Stars;

Updated: May 11

Course Introduction:

This is  “Real Estate Rock Stars; Young Entrepreneurs’ Guide For Future Property Investing, designed specifically for young learners, but can be for ages 12 to 92.  No previous knowledge is necessary.  This course introduces students to the basics of real estate investing, nurturing their skills in critical thinking, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship in an engaging and interactive classroom setting. Students will be guided through (and virtually role-play) the entire home-buying process, utilizing popular online home-searching platforms, and gaining insights into the realm of becoming skilled real estate investors.  It's quite conceivable that some of our students might even be inspired to pursue a career as real estate agents at the age of 18.  

Students, get ready for an amazing adventure into the world of real estate! In the next few sessions, we’re going to have a blast learning all about how to find, buy, and own properties.  You will be able to pick out a house or apartment that you love, learn how to budget to afford it, and even understand what it takes to sell it or rent it for a profit! 

We’ll use cool online tools to hunt for the perfect place and dive into the exciting process of making it yours. Plus, you’ll get to play the role of a real estate expert, you’ll learn all the cool real estate terms,  and figure out how to fix up properties and turn them into something awesome. This journey is not just about houses and numbers; it’s about unlocking the secrets to owning a little piece of the world. Get ready to think big – your future in real estate starts here! 🌟🏡💼

Disclaimer:  The content presented is intended solely for educational purposes and does not guarantee success. Achieving success requires hard work and commitment, and it's attainable for those ready to invest effort. Please note, that the author is neither an accountant nor a lawyer and therefore, cannot offer professional advice in these areas.

Course Duration: 10 - 15 class hours

Course Description:

This course is designed for young learners (recommended ages 12 and older) who are interested in the dynamic world of real estate. It offers a comprehensive introduction to the basics of buying, selling, and investing in properties. The course combines theoretical knowledge with practical activities, including the use of online tools for property hunting and budgeting exercises.

Target Audience

  • Beginners with no prior knowledge of real estate

  • Young learners and teenagers who are interested in understanding the property market.  (Recommended audience is 12 and older)

Course Objectives

  • Understand the different types of properties and their characteristics.

  • Learn the process of buying, selling, and renting properties.

  • Develop skills in budgeting and financial planning for real estate investments.

  • Gain familiarity with key real estate terminology and concepts.

  • Use online platforms like Zillow for property searches and assessments.

Course Structure and Sessions Overview

Session 1: Introduction to Real Estate

  • Learning Key Real Estate Terms

Session 2: Budgeting and Income Profiles

  • Introduction to Budgets and Financial Planning

  • Creating a Simple Budget

  • Class Activities: Budgets and Career Profiles

Session 3: Property Search and Purchase

  • Introduction to Online Real Estate Listings

  • Using Zillow for Property Searches

  • Class Activities: The House Hunt and Rental Comparison

Session 4: The Realtor (Real Estate Agent)

  • Role and Importance of Realtors

  • Understanding the Property Buying Process

Session 5: Credit Score

  • Understanding Credit Scores and Their Impact

  • Examples of Good and Bad Credit Scenarios

Session 6: Introduction to Mortgages

  • Understanding Mortgages: Basics and Terms

  • The Process of Finalizing a Mortgage

Session 7: Real Estate Investment Basics

  • Introduction to Real Estate Investment

  • The Game of Risk and Return

Session 8: Real Estate Investing: Buying then Renting For Profit

  • Class Activity: Finding Your First Property to Rent

  • Understanding Rental Properties and Landlord Responsibilities

Session 9: Exploring the Journey of Selling/Flipping a Property

  • Class Activity: Find a House to Flip

  • Understanding House Flipping and its Financial Implications

Session 10: The World of Real Estate: A Fun Career Path for Young Minds

  • Exploring a Career as a Real Estate Agent

  • Skills Development and Networking Opportunities

Session 11: Conclusion: Now What?

  • Continuing Education in Real Estate

  • Encouragement for Future Endeavors in Real Estate


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