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Class 16: Teaching Teens About Social Media Businesses

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Are you savvy on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Linked In,YouTube, Rumble, Parlor, MeWe?

A great teen business could focus on helping people become familiar with Social Media Platforms. Many business owners, even right in your neighborhood, may benefit greatly from developing a social media presence. You would advertise yourself as someone who can help familiarize your prospective customers with online advertising. It sounds complicated, but it’s not. Don’t overthink this. What comes easy to you won’t necessarily come easy to someone else. For instance, starting a Facebook page, uploading a video to Youtube, uploading a profile picture, How to make money on Rumble, how to transition from Facebook to MeWe, teach how Parlor works, how to schedule posts, how to attract followers, etc.

Much of this information can be found in the smorgasbord of data online, but most people would honestly rather be tutored by a person they know or at least someone in their community.

One on One is usually best and In-person tutoring is a great way to build a reputable business.l as a teenager. Due to Covid Restrictions, it may be more practical and safer to meet on Zoom and use the screen share feature to help guide your clients through the learning process. You can also record your zoom screen capture sessions and repurpose / recycle them to upload to your own business blog or Youtube account!

If you aren’t very savvy on any of these, don’t be shy in learning and conquering one of them. Learning one of the new apps like Parlor, MeWe, and Rumble could be a very smart move. I personally know many people who are switching to these new social media apps and have no clue about the reach potential to attain new clients/followers.

How to attract your own clients

Advertise on your own social media accounts that you’ll be offering basic lessons on how to properly use or how to open up an account on (####whatever you want####).


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