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Session 4: Branding

Updated: May 11

​Icebreaker Activity: Movie Quotes: Each student says a famous movie quote. The other students will guess which movie it is from and get a point for each correct answer. Students may use Chromebooks to research quotes for their ideas if needed. Students may not look up answers to others’ quotes.

Objective: Understand the importance of branding


Class Activity: Brands

Ask students to Name some popular brands and then ask them to check out those logos on Google. Students should look at those logo designs and colors and start thinking about their own designs and brand colors. Later in this lesson, we are going to experiment and create our very own logos using a website called CANVA! It’s tons of fun!



Telling Your Brand's Story

Now let’s put your brand’s mission into words. That's like your superhero's catchphrase — it has to be catchy and tell everyone why your business is here to save the day.

  • Crafting a Mission Statement: With ChatGPT's help, you can write a super sentence or two that tells the world what your business does and why it's totally epic.

  • Whipping Up a Tagline: Just like a superhero's famous one-liner, your tagline is a quick shout-out that makes people remember you. ChatGPT can help you brainstorm something that sticks.


ChatGPT Activity: Create a Mission Statement:

Ask Chat GPT to help you create a mission statement.

“Can you help me create a mission statement for

my _________ business?”

Copy and paste your mission statement in your word process document on your laptop (or Google Docs). Or write it down on a piece of paper.


ChatGPT Activity:: Create a cool tagline:

“Can you help me create a tagline for

my _________ business?”

Copy and paste your tagline in your word process document on your laptop (or Google Docs). Or write it down on a piece of paper.


Class Activity: Logo Design using "CANVA": Create 3 logos

We’re going to log onto a website called Canva ( to create our logo.

Visit the website and create a new FREE account using your email address.

Then “create a design” and look for a template called “LOGO”.

Spend about 15 - 20 minutes experimenting in Canva to create at least 3 LOGOS.

INSTRUCTOR’S NOTE:  You can Create a CANVA "EDU" PROFESSIONAL Account FOR FREE by following the instructions below. Once an EDU account is established, instructors can email their students with "FREE" invites. The PRO account offers many more features than the “free” account.

School Teachers can create their own account here:: (video:

Watch this!



Objective: Understand the importance of branding

Hey there, young business moguls! It's another session, and we’re about to dive into the super-cool world of branding and marketing with our AI buddy, ChatGPT! Think of your brand as the superhero of your business — it's what makes your products or services stand out in a crowd. And marketing? That's your superhero's megaphone, telling everyone how awesome it is!

Creating Your Super Brand

Imagine your brand as your business's personality. What would it be like? Fun and friendly? Bold and adventurous? ChatGPT is here to help you figure that out. It's like a magical mirror reflecting what makes your brand special.

  • Creating a Logo: A logo is like your brand's superhero emblem. ChatGPT can’t draw it for you, but it can be your sidekick, giving you tips on making it look awesome and helping you describe your dream logo to a real artist.

  • Picking Colors and Fonts: Just like your favorite superhero costume, the colors and fonts you choose for your brand tell a part of your story. ChatGPT can help you pick the coolest ones that shout "This is who we are!"


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