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Session 5: Marketing Wisdom from ChatGPT

Updated: May 11

Icebreaker Activity: Desert Island: If you had to spend a month on a desert island, what 3 things would you bring & why.

Objective: Understand the importance of Marketing and getting your product or service in front of an audience.


Activity: Google Search; Market Research

  • Online Market Research:

    • Students use their laptops to research similar products or services available online. This includes looking at online stores, customer reviews, and competitor websites.

    • Investigate who is buying these products or using these services and how these businesses are being marketed.

  • Target Market Identification:

    • Based on the research, students identify the target market for their product. This involves determining the age group, interests, spending habits, and other relevant characteristics of potential customers.

    • NOW: Create a digital profile of this target market, focusing on why these customers would be interested in the product. Use a Google Doc or your word processing document to write down everything you can about your customers. This will create a “Customer Profile” and will help you focus on marketing to your exact audience!


ChatGPT Activity: Target Market

You’ve done your research! Now let's see how ChatGPT can help further help you understand who your customers are:

Ask ChatGPT: “Can you provide an example of a target audience for __(enter your specific business__)?

Make these notes in your word document or Google Docs.




Objective: Understand the importance of Marketing and getting your product or service in front of an audience.

Now, how do you get people to hear about your awesome business? Marketing! But don't worry; you won't be shouting from the rooftops—unless you want to. ChatGPT can help us craft catchy slogans, create a compelling sales pitch, and come up with ideas for spreading the word in fun and creative ways. Whether it’s through social media posts or flyers for the school bulletin board, ChatGPT is there to help refine your message.

No matter how great your product is, if no one knows about it, it's like a hidden treasure. ChatGPT is your marketing mentor, helping you craft a marketing plan with elements like:

  • Product Description: ChatGPT can help refine how you describe your product or service's unique features.

  • Promotional Plan: Discover various promotional avenues with ChatGPT's guidance, from social media campaigns to local events.

  • Sales Channels: Discuss with ChatGPT whether online sales or in-person sales are better for you, and how to go about each.

Target Market: Who Are Your Customers?

Before you start marketing, you need to know your target audience. Your target audience is the people you think will like or need your product or service the most. And you’ll need to be a detective and figure out who would be most interested in what you're selling.


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