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Introduction: Entrepreneurs: Ai (ChatGPT) Business Launch:

Updated: May 11


The instructor can greet the students and briefly introduce everyone. It's important to ensure that all students can access the website Instructors should provide the course link they received, or students can locate AI Academy (ChatGPT) under the 'ABOUT' tab. If a code was provided, share it with the students. Next, we will discuss the requirements for the course and review the course description.

Let's get started by watching the video below and then reviewing what you'll need to successfully complete the course. The VIDEO TRANSCRIPTIONS/words are provided at the bottom of each page.

Kidpreneurs: Ai (ChatGPT) Business Launch

Age Group:

10 - 16 years old


8 - 10 Hours

Course Objective:

Equip young learners with the basics of starting a business and utilizing ChatGPT (learning to use it safely and responsibly) to bring their entrepreneurial ideas to life.

Instructors/Teachers don't need to teach anything. The videos should explain everything. You'll lead students through the icebreakers and the activities and feel free to encourage students to search for any answers on ChatGPT or Google when needed. The course offers 8 sessions but if the content ends before the class ends, students can spend time developing their business or designing on CANVA. If the videos don't load for any reason, you and the students can use the VIDEO TRANSCRIPTIONS which are provided for each session at the bottom of every post.

Course Supplies and Essentials:

  • Students and the instructor will need a laptop or tablet.

  • Access to

  • Access to a word processing program or Google Docs. Students will build their business in this Word document. Students should take notes throughout the course.

  • Students will need an EMAIL ADDRESS!

  • This Email address will be used to access: Digital Design Program ( & ChatGPT (

  • The Instructor or students can optionally bring paper and pencils/pens for freestyle brainstorming for anyone who can’t access their laptop word processing software.

  • WIFI/Internet connection is required at each school or center.

Instructors, Try to Create a CANVA EDU ACCOUNT: Digital Design Online Program

INSTRUCTOR’S NOTE:  You can create a CANVA "EDU" PROFESSIONAL Account FOR FREE by following the instructions below. Once an EDU account is established, instructors will email their students with "FREE" invites. The PRO account offers many more features than the “free” account. Students will be asked to create a free account but they will have much more fun using the Pro/Edu Account.

Create an EDU account here::

video instructions:

Course Outline:

Session 1: Course Description and Intro To AI

Session 2: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Session 3: Business Ideas and Planning

Session 4: Branding

Session 5: Marketing Magic

Session 6: Money Matters & Finance for Kids

Session 7: Sales and Customer Service

Session 8: Final Project


VIDEO Transcription:

Course Description:

Students will learn how to be world-class leaders and understand how to create super fun kid businesses at light speed with the help of AI Technology (Artificial Intelligence), specifically ChatGPT. 

This course offers a blend of technology, engaging activities, business knowledge, and creative thinking.  And they can get in early on the AI revolution and be some of the first students to learn how to use these amazing tools!  We also strongly stress the importance of using AI responsibly and ethically.  

This is a launchpad for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.  Join us and find out what happens when you combine AI technology with your awesome creativity!  Just remember to involve your parents if you are serious about making money with your business.  This course was created for students to learn the process of starting a profitable kid business.

  • Discover entrepreneurship and dive into the exciting world of AI. Learn what AI is, and how to use it responsibly and ethically.

  • Engage in fun and confidence-building activities.

  • Learn how to brainstorm and refine business ideas. Start drafting a basic business plan to bring your ideas to life. 

  • Understand the importance of branding.  Learn about creating a brand identity

  • Dive into the basics of marketing. Explore creative ways to promote a business and reach the right audience. 

  • Get a grip on finances. Learn about managing money, basic accounting, and the importance of budgeting.

  • Learn about sales and the importance of excellent customer service.

  • Start making $SALES$!


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