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The PURCHASE/LICENSE includes an Interactive PDF and the link to the ONLINE Classes/modules.   The content is the same in each.  You choose what works best.  


Note: This is an interactive PDF that the teacher and students can follow together.  Look forward to engaging activities and super interesting video links to help our students build a business.  This is an enrichment course that offers between 8-15 hours worth of content.  It can be extended/customized as students continue building and developing their business.  Please purchase 1 license per class.   Multiple classes will require multiple licenses. 


Students can launch a business to make money by using their gifts, talents, and passions. Joining “Young Entrepreneurs”, helps them tap into their creativity, helps them embrace their interests and passions, spark their innovative thinking and gives them the skills to succeed in the business world.  They will learn how to sell products (like crafts, sneakers, lemonade, or even your own creations), or offer services (like babysitting, dog walking, tutoring, and lawn care).


What do they LOVE to do?


🚀 Course Highlights:

Engage in super fun group games and activities

Transforming interests and passions into exciting business

ventures to win customers.

Discover the art of planning and using strategy.

Master the secrets of managing money and making their

business dreams come true.

Dive into marketing and promotion to let the world know about

their awesome product ideas or services.

Develop the magic touch of customer service and create lifelong

fans of their business.

Step into the spotlight and present their ingenious ideas like a

true entrepreneur.


Session 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Session 2: Ideation, Business Development, & Branding

Session 3: Market Research

Session 4: Business Planning

Session 5: Budgeting and Finance

Session 6: Marketing and Promotion

Session 7: Sales and Customer Service

Session 8: Business Pitching

Session 9: Recap and Conclusion

Session 10: Retail Entrepreneur Challenge


Instructor's Notes:

We are so excited that you decided to teach this superfun and educational kid's entrepreneur course. Move through the course at your own pace. The course offers 10 sessions but that does not equate to "classes". If your class finishes before the sessions are complete, students can complete the course (business development) at home.


You won't need to "teach" anything. Please guide students through the

content and facilitate the course Activities and Icebreakers. Either you can

read the course content to the students OR students can take turns reading

any of the provided "text". Here is what you'll need to facilitate the class....


Class Essentials:

Students and Instructors will need: Laptop or a Tablet

Internet connection/Wifi

Headphones/earbuds (to listen to videos quietly)

Smart Phone (If students have them)

Kids will also need an email address to access-create online accounts.



SUPPORT:  Once you purchase a license you may contact me if you have any questions while conducting the course.  Contact me at OR CHAT with me on the website at  


I thank you in advance for joining our mission to raise the next generation to be the great leaders of tomorrow!

- John


Kids Course: Business Launch - Young Entrepreneur's Course

$300.00 Regular Price
$195.00Sale Price
  • This is an interactive PDF.  It should be followed with students who have access to a laptop or desktop.  Links to tutorial videos are included in the document.   

    Instead of using the PDF:  The Online Modules/Classes are available with this purchase. Just ask us for access and it's yours!  

    License:  Please purchase 1 license per classroom.  Unlimited use in the classroom with the same students.  We appreciate it!

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