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Student - Session 6: Opening New Accounts

Updated: Feb 7, 2023


Class Activity: Open/Create New Accounts

Watch the video below to start the process.

Class Activity: Open/Create The Above Accounts:

Also, open/create any other social media platform/app of your own preference. Remember, you may only need to use 1 or 2 at first. You don't need to use multiple apps when you first start your business. Keep it simple. However, it's good to create these accounts in case you decide to use them. For example, even if you don't intend on using Facebook for now, still create the account/page. You may use it in the future!

SESSION End Worksheet (if printed) or as CLASS ACTIVITY to review together

Session 6 Worksheet_ New Account Information
Download PDF • 26KB



Session 6:

  • Open New Online Accounts

  • Gmail

  • Youtube

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • (Any other platforms students may prefer using?)

  • Bank Account/Etc. (if applicable)

  • Class Activity - Watch supporting video to open new accounts

Creating Accounts - Online/Social Media Platforms

This is exciting! It’s time to start opening your first few accounts. You should follow the recommended steps, whether you are strictly starting an online business or starting an offline service business while creating an online presence. It’s essential to make a distinction between your personal life and your new business.

Account 1: GMAIL

Before you begin building your online business, it’s a good idea to open up a new email account. Keep your business separate from your personal email accounts. Gmail/Google also provides some unique tools that you will learn about later. For our website, we use Consider a variation of your brand name if the name you chose already exists on Gmail.

Google Docs - Google Drive - Document Creator

After you set up a Gmail account, click the small white boxes on the top right of the screen (looks like a calculator) and open up google drive. In Google Drive, you can create word-processing documents in Google Docs. It’s a fully functional program like Microsoft Office, and you’ll have access to word processing, spreadsheets, a drawing program, and even a presentation program.

I use Google Docs because it allows me to work on my documents on any computer, anywhere in the world. It also allows me to share my documents with my editors. Use Google Docs to write and edit all of your content. You can create different docs for all of your different ideas! Google saves your content every few seconds, so you’ll never lose it!

Account Ids and Passwords

Set up a secure document to store your Ids and Passwords. Different websites will have other character requirements for IDs and Passwords and will be very difficult to remember. If you are not comfortable saving your IDs and Passwords on Google Docs, save them somewhere. You’ll thank me for this in the future. Remember to update each time the password changes.

Account 2: Youtube Account

Have you created any Youtube videos? If you have, it was most likely on your personal Gmail account. You’ll want to create a new YOUTUBE channel specifically for your business using your new Gmail account. You can either access it by going to or accessing it through your new GMAIL account. Look at the top right for the tiny white boxes that look like a calculator and click in there. When you start creating videos, you’ll upload those to your new account.

Account 3: Facebook Account

Most of you already have a Facebook account. You won’t need to create another profile. Just create a new Facebook Page (Use your new business name). Also, create a new Facebook Group!

Account 4: Instagram Account

I don’t need to tell you how popular Instagram is. Unfortunately, you can not edit anything from a desktop computer; it’s mainly a smartphone app. If you already have an Instagram account, you can create a new business page in the app. Click on your setting and “add” a new account. At that point, it will ask if you want to create a new account! If you don’t have an account, download the app and create your new account. Learn how to grow your Instagram followers here.

Watch the supporting video to show you how to open some of these new accounts.

Business Bank Account (if applicable)

Once your business begins generating money, It’s best to set up a business/separate bank account WHEN you start generating consistent income. This will keep your personal finances and business finances separate. This is also beneficial for tax purposes and to accurately track your business expenses and profits.

Class Activity - Homework - Open/Create The Above Accounts



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