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Student - Intermission 2: Review & Course Completion Certificate

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Congratulations! You now have the knowledge and tools to build a strong foundation for your business. Section 3 is optional and can provide additional value. Before diving into the creation of your new online business, let’s do a quick review of your accomplishments in sections 1 and 2.

REVIEW: Cultivated the Mindset of an Entrepreneur Identified your interest, gifts, talents, and skills Identified a “niche” for your business Selected a Business Model (or a combination)

  • Local/offline business (neighborhood service based)

  • Online instructional business (online lessons, skill-based content)

  • Print-on-demand online store (selling art designs on merch)

  • Affiliate Marketing (recommending products/services)

  • Ecommerce (selling your products on your website)

Named and Branded Your Business (Created a Logo On Canva) Created Brand New Online and Social Media Accounts

  • Google: Gmail

  • Google Youtube (If Applicable)

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Any Others Favorites

Wrote out a business plan and identified your goals Learned about (Wix) blogs and why we build websites (If Applicable) Learned how to create content and implement the best SEO strategies

You Earned a Certificate!

By completing sections 1 & 2 you have earned the E-Teen Certificate, certifying that you understand entrepreneurship and digital marketing strategies! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!


Online Entrepreneurship: Specializing In Digital Marketing

Certificate Instructions:

  1. Download Certificate: HERE (

  2. Fill In your name via a PDF Filler.

Continue Building

Continue building your online business and focus on your specific business model. Follow the video tutorials closely and take notes if needed. If you are unclear about something, try searching for answers on Google. Use your entrepreneurial skills to keep progressing!



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