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Session 9: Begin Your Print-On-Demand Business

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Begin Your Print-On-Demand Journey


POD Blueprint for Success:

  1. Open up your own Canva account, if necessary.

  2. Create your own Redbubble account.

  3. Create designs on Canva (Either art or text designs).

  4. Download Design "Images" to your desktop/laptop.

  5. Upload images to your account.

  6. Choose the merch on which you would like to place your design.

  7. Publish to your Redbubble Store.

  8. Visit your store. Then copy and paste the links to your products

  9. Post your Redbubble merch links on your Social Media accounts

  10. Email family and friends either the link to your Redbubble store or to specific products.

For more suggestions to further develop your business make sure to join the E-Teen Mastermind group at


Print On Demand Tutorial:

CLICK on the SESSION 10 For EXTRA COURSE CONTENT (Session 10 can be reviewed at their leisure at home.)


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