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Licenses for Schools/Programs Only

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Revolutionary Enrichment kids' Online Business Entrepreneur Courses (all online modules), instructor-led and beginner-friendly. Content spans 6 - 8 sessions, including videos, icebreakers, review sheets, class discussion prompts, and certificates.  Students focus on profit-oriented Digital/Online businesses.


Instructors and Students will access the online modules right here at Kids Biz Labs.  For Individual Use (1 person), purchase "1 person any course" in the "price tab" and we'll send you the code to access the course.

Schools/Programs: Contact John for a FREE License! (for programs w/staff) 

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After School Programs - Schools - Recreation Centers - YMCA's - Boys & Girls Clubs - Camps

To empower students with essential leadership and business skills through practical learning experiences. We aim to equip them with expertise in social interactions, presentations, teamwork, budgeting, planning, finance, design, selling, customer service, and marketing. Our focus is on guiding students to develop and market their businesses online, utilizing technology and digital marketing techniques, including SEO, to create successful, money-making ventures.  

Our classes, which include fun activities, can be customized for your programs.  Purchase a License to run the course yourself (PDF/Online Videos) OR contact our partner Minds In Motion to book an instructor and use the code "JP" in the message.  Internet Connection + Laptops/Tablets Needed.

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Your Young Entrepreneurs Will Learn

Internet Safety
Niche/Interest Discovery
Online Business Models
Critical Thinking
Digitial Design
SEO/Keyword Marketing
Customer Service
Business Plans
Goal/Dream Making
Social Interaction Skills
Learn To Earn Online

Contact John to run your first classes for FREE! (for programs w/staff or just have questions): 

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