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Session 7: Sales and Customer Service

Updated: May 11

​Icebreaker Activity: Name Pictionary: Have students write their names (or make up names if the class already knows everyone) by drawing pictures of objects that start with the correct letter, either on paper or a whiteboard. For example, someone with the name Ann would draw an apple, a nose, and a nest. Then, have the group try to spell and guess each person’s name.

Objective: Learn the basics of making sales and providing excellent customer service.


ChatGPT Activity: Sales and Customer Service (10-15 Minutes):

Pair up into groups of 2 in the class! Task ChatGPT to create a script for selling products/services and handling potential customer service scenarios. This is super fun but you’ll need to be specific with your business details. ChatGPT will help guide you. If you are not specific, then ChatGPT will come up with the products or services.

Copy and Paste:

“Use ChatGPT to create a script for selling their product/service and handling potential customer service scenarios”

Then follow the directions to create different situations. You and your partner will read and act these out. Practice together!



Objective: Learn the basics of making sales and providing excellent customer service.

What Are Sales?

Imagine you made some cool bracelets or painted beautiful pictures. If you want other people to have them, you might ask them to trade something for your creations, like money. That's what sales are – when someone gives you money for something they want (like your bracelets, paintings, or snow shoveling services).

Why Are Sales Important?

Sales are important because they help people get what they need or want. For example, your school might sell books so you can learn, or a gaming store sells video games for you to play with. Sales help businesses to keep making or buying more things to sell.

What Is Customer Service?

Have you ever gone to a store and someone helped you find what you were looking for? Or maybe you bought a toy, and it was broken, so you had to return it. The people who help you at the store or on the phone when you have a question or a problem are doing customer service.

Why Is Customer Service Important?

Customer service is super important because it makes sure everyone is happy and gets what they need. If you buy something and it doesn't work, customer service helps fix the problem. Good customer service makes people want to come back and buy more things because they feel taken care of and respected.


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